SIP onlus

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  • Euplotes woodruffi
    Euplotes woodruffi
    Foto Fabrizio Erra
  • Pseudomicrothorax
    Foto Sergey Fokin
  • Euplotes eurystomus
    Euplotes eurystomus
    Foto Fabrizio Erra
  • Euplotidium
    Foto Claudia Vannini
  • Nassula ornata
    Nassula ornata
    Foto Sergey Fokin
  • Euplotes daidaleos
    Euplotes daidaleos
    Foto Fabrizio Erra
  • Uronychia
    Foto Claudia Vannini
  • Euplotes sp. (Impregnazione argentica)
    Euplotes sp. (Impregnazione argentica)
    Foto Fabrizio Erra
  • Toxoplasma 2
    Toxoplasma 2
    Foto Maria Cristina Angelici


The Italian Society of Protistology (Società Italiana di Protistologia onlus, SIPonlus) gets together experts on eukaryotic microorganisms, i.e. protists. The Society promotes dissemination of knowledge on free-living as well as parasitic/toxic protists. It organizes national and international meetings, promotes scientific partnerships and appoints fellowships for young graduates in protistology. The Society belongs to the Federation of European Protistological Societies (FEPS) and to the Italian Federation of Natural and Environmental Sciences (Federazione Italiana delle Scienze Naturali ed Ambientali, FISNA). The Italian Society of Protistology is affiliated to the International Society for Protistologists (ISOP).